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 Jasmine Buds, Green Tea & Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers

There’s A Bit Of A Gap Between The Idea Of Wanting To Live A More Sustainable Life & Actually Putting That Into Practice.

Before starting Hannelii, many of the brands our family loved to shop at didn’t align with our environmental values. Because of this, we have placed the utmost importance on the amount of waste we create as a business. 

For example, our packaging in many cases is reusable, it can be recycled, our labels and stickers are compostable and some of our materials are created out of seeds, meaning you can plant them in soil and a pot of wildflowers will grow. 

Our vision is to create the most beautiful and sustainable customer experience that we can. 


Supporting WWF (World Wildlife Fund) 

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we are in awe of the absolute abundance our planet provides, and we want to preserve and protect it. 

To help us achieve this mission, we support WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Starting from the very first day we opened our small business, $1 from every order placed on our website is donated. 

We chose to support WWF because they are one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations. The work they are doing to protect endangered species and habitats and meet the challenge of climate change align perfectly with our brand values. 


From Seed To Jar

Our Tea Collection packaging, labels and all materials have been meticulously sourced to ensure the collection meets our strict requirements. Unfortunately, many tea brands cannot claim this. Well-known brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep their tea bags from falling apart. This plastic is not recyclable or biodegradable. Further, the beautiful packaging they present their tea in often causes our environment more harm than good. 

We encourage environmental thoughtfulness in every step of our production - from the growth, harvesting, and processing of plants we use to the packaging of our products.


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