Complimentary Delivery When You Spend +$75 Complimentary Delivery When You Spend +$75

Our Story.

We believe that it should be easy to make choices that positively impact the environment. Our collection of beautiful, plastic-free goodies are designed so that you can keep using them forever. 

Our Drinking Vessels are made out of glass, so be careful. Despite the small risk of breakage, we would choose glass over plastic any day. 

Unlike other bottles ours won't outlive you, and if they do, they can be melted down to make new glass, unlike plastic which degrades over time. 

Our reusable, plastic-free tools with are made without the use of harmful plastics, making them a healthy choice for you and our planet. 

We have placed upmost importance on the amount of waste we create as a business. Our packaging is reusable, it can be recycled, our labels and stickers are compostable and some of our materials are created out of seeds, meaning you can plant them in soil and a pot of wildflowers will grow!

$1 from every is donated to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). WWF's mission is to halt the decline of the environment and animals and to support their recovery. They do this by addressing the threats that affect them, such as plastic pollution and climate change. Every donation helps to bring positive change to our environment, oceans, animals and places we love, so thank you for your generosity.