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Our Story

Our Story | Hannelii

Why We're Here 

We're on a mission to protect mother nature. Plastic is littering our coasts and polluting our oceans, animals are endangered and facing extinction and our climate is rapidly changing and threatening the people and places we love. Hannelii is a business for good. Switching to our reusable Drinking Vessel is one of many ways to reduce the impact plastic is having on the planet. Together, let's protect our environment by making this simple, yet powerful change. 


Drinking Vessels

A Beautiful Alternative

Hannelii Drinking Vessels are BPA-Free and have been made with thick, double-walled glass to ensure your hot beverages stay cosy and warm, and cold drinks cool and refreshing. Our vessels are the healthy way to stay hydrated. Get inspired and fill your vessel with tea, smoothies and other nourishing beverages! 

Each of our vessels are created with intention and made using only the best materials, making them a durable essential to your everyday routine. 


WWF | World Wildlife Fund | Hannelii

Giving Back To Our Planet

$1 from the purchase of every Drinking Vessel is donated to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Find Out More 

WWF's mission is to halt the decline of the environment and animals and to support their recovery. They do this by addressing the threats that affect them, such as plastic pollution and climate change. Through your purchase, we can make a difference!