Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Delivery FAQs

  • We have a flat-rate shipping fee of $10 on all Australian orders. For our International customers, we have a flat-rate fee of $50. Being a smaller business, it's difficult for us to absorb shipping costs. We put a lot of effort into the delivery experience, ensuring your order¬†arrives safely, sustainably and looking pretty!
  • Most orders (depending on when they are received) will be dispatched on the same day. We use¬†Sendle¬†for our Australian orders because they¬†deliver quickly and¬†are 100% carbon neutral!¬†Depending on where you live orders may take between 1-7 business days to reach you.
  • For International orders, we use Australia Post.
  • A¬†physical street address is required for¬†all deliveries. This means we can't send to a PO Box or Parcel Collection Locations. A home or work address are the best.¬†

    Payment Method FAQs

    • At checkout you can select from the following payment methods: AfterPay, PayPal or choose to pay via credit card. We also offer ApplePay which can be used on all Apple devices.

      Is My Hannelii Drinking Vessel Dishwasher Safe?

      • We recommend hand washing all components with hot soapy water followed by air drying. Please ensure the Bamboo Lid is dried immediately.


      How Do I Clean My Drinking Vessel?

      • Please hand wash your vessel in warm, soapy water. Air dry the glass component along with the 2-In-1 Stainless Steel Infuser. Dry the Bamboo Lid immediately, please do not soak the lid. Remember to remove the seal from inside your lid to regularly wash underneath it. If you are using Turmeric or other staining ingredients create a baking soda paste to clean the inside of the lid.

      How Do I Use My Drinking Vessel?

      • Learn how to brew tea, create colourful Infused-Water or keep things simple with a smoothie, coffee or water. Find Out More


      Top 10 Tips For Looking After Your Hannelii Drinking Vessel 

      1. Like all creations made out of glass, please handle with love!
      2. Always wash your vessel by hand and after every use.
      3. Do not put your vessel in the freezer. 
      4. If you are using Turmeric or other staining ingredients create a baking soda paste to clean the inside of the lid. 
      5. If your seal falls out please do not worry. The seal is removable so that you can clean inside your lid. Once your vessel is completely dry firmly secure the seal again. 
      6. Do not leave the Bamboo Lid wet. 
      7. Do not twist the lid on too tight as the pressure could cause a break. 
      8. Be careful when dealing with hot beverages. Please make sure when carrying hot drinks that the lid is secure and not leaking. Before touching your vessel, ensure its at a comfortable enough temperature to handle
      9. Use your vessel everyday and feel happy knowing you are using much less plastics. 
      10. Get inspired! Visit our Mindful Living Blog