Very Useful Vessel | How To's

There Are So Many Ways You Can Use A Hannelii Drinking Vessel!

So we have created a collection of how-to’s, which walk you through everything from brewing tea and creating colourful Infused-Water to keeping things simple with smoothies, coffee or water.


How To Brew 

  • Take the 2-In-1 Infuser and twist it apart 
  • Fill the long compartment with loose leaf tea (usually one teaspoon of tea is enough, but check the packaging to be sure) 
  • Twist the two parts together again and pop the infuser into the vessel  
  • Fill with boiling water, secure the bamboo lid and let steep (usually for 3 minutes, depending on the type of tea and desired strength) 
  • Remove the infuser and you're ready to enjoy!

How To Make Infused-Water

  • Twist apart the infuser
  • Add ingredients (such as fruit, vegetables and herbs then fill with water)
  • Place the top part of the infuser back into the vessel
  • Allow the water to infuse for 6 hours, or overnight, depending on the ingredients you use. 
  • Leave the infuser in the vessel and you’re ready to start drinking your refreshing, colourful Infused-Water! 

Water, Smoothies, Juices & Coffee

  • Simply omit the infuser and your ready to add water, a smoothie, juice or coffee. The options are endless!


  • Our vessels are ideal for soup on-the-go. As above, simply omit the infuser and fill with your soup of choice! 



Please see our FAQ page for safety instructions, a guide to cleaning your vessel as well as other practical tips.


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