Easy Changes To Help Lessen Your Impact On The Environment

Easy Changes To Help Lessen Your Impact On The Environment

World Environment Day Is Held Annually On June 5 & Is One Of The Most Widely Celebrated Days For Positive Environmental Action. 

Actions can be taken every day to help reduce the mark you leave on the natural environment and its resources. In recognition of World Environment Day, we're sharing some tips and ways to reduce your impact while saving time and money. 

In your home

  • Bar soap is much better for the environment than liquid soap. Bar soap may come wrapped in recycled paper, this means less single use plastic packaging
  • Completely¬†switch¬†off electrical devices¬†like televisions, computers and¬†kitchen appliances¬†when you're not using them
  • By choosing energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs you'll reduce your consumption and save money on your power bill
  • Try incorporating vegetarian/vegan meals into your diet.¬†The production of meat and other animal products places a heavy burden on the environment
  • Let clothes dry naturally on a clothes rack rather than in the dryer. You'll also protect your garments from heat damage¬†
  • When travelling to work take mass transit (like trains and buses), ride a bike, or walk. Biking and walking are also super healthy and fun to do. The best part? No greenhouse gas emissions

In the garden

  • Growing your own food can benefit the planet!¬†It helps prevent soil erosion, protects water quality of ground water, saves energy and reduces pollution. If you have ever grown your own food, you surely know the difference in taste¬†
  • Plant¬†trees that will attract birds. You can also put up a bird nest box or a bird bath¬†
  • Grow natives¬†plants. They are good for the environment, inexpensive and easy to grow¬†
  • Create a herb garden. When you have¬†minimal space to spare a herb garden is the perfect way to help reduce your shopping bill and add a little flavour to your cooking and beverages¬†

Reduce, reuse, recycle 

  • The¬†environmental¬†effects of plastic bottles¬†(for water, coffee etc.)¬†are extensive. Purchase a reusable bottle as you'll end up saving more money in the long run
  • Give unwanted clothes, books, toys and furniture to charities and¬†friends in need¬†
  • Store your food and other products in glass containers rather than foil and plastic wrap
  • Use¬†beeswax wraps as they are a reusable, washable and a sustainable alternative to single use plastic cling wrap

Our best advice

  • Don't feel overwhelmed, pick one thing from this list and see if you can achieve it!
  • Share ideas with your partner, family and friends. By inspiring each other you'll help make a positive difference