Creating The Perfect Yoga Space At Home

Creating The Perfect Yoga Space At Home

You Don’t Need Much To Practice Yoga At Home.

Your own body, a mat and likely a drink bottle. But recreating the ambiance of a Yoga studio in your home can make each practice more enriching, grounding, and relaxing. And maybe, you’ll continue to practice everyday. 

1. Bring The Studio Home

Select the perfect space for your home practice. Perhaps a spare room, a lounge room or maybe even the garden, as long as you have some space to move and stretch out. 

We’ve been streaming Gaia Yoga & Meditation online classes. Simply set up your phone or laptop on a chair or table and choose from the diverse class offerings. 

2. Tips For Busy Yogis 

One of the best things about home practice is that you aren't confined to a specific class schedule or length of practice. This means you can fit your practice around your lifestyle and your work/family commitments. 

Look at your weekly schedule and decide in advance when you'll do your Yoga practice and how long each yoga practice will be. If you struggle to find time during the day, we recommend getting up a little earlier in the morning as the benefits you will get from your Yoga will almost certainly outweigh the little bit of sleep you sacrifice!  

3. Scent Your Space 

Set the mood by surrounding your space with your favourite crystals and grounding scents. Scents that infuse the air with a meditative energy are perfect for Yoga and meditative practices. 

4. Soulful Sipping 

Get yourself a water bottle that will help you stay hydrated long after your morning Yoga session. When you workout, you have to drink water. Your body desperately needs to be hydrated when you push it, and that includes during Yoga. 

You might think that because Yoga isn’t cardio, that water isn’t as important, this notion however is wrong. You need to be hydrated before, during and after your sessions, if you want to get the greatest benefits out of your workout. 

5. Mind, Body & Spirit 

When you’ve sweated, moved and breathed - you’ll find yourself ready for a much-deserved rest! Take time after your practice to relax, drink tea, collect your thoughts and thank your body.