Good People, Good Things | Our Interview With Olive PR!

Good People, Good Things | Our Interview With Olive PR!

It's Been A Busy Week Here At The Hannelii Studio. 

We chatted to our friends Olive PR for their Good People, Good Things series to find out the story behind our small business and what's to come! Here is a snippet from our interview: 

For those that haven’t come across your beautiful brand before, can you give us a brief history of when Hannelii started and what the brand offers?

At the beginning of last year, I founded Hannelii, an eco-friendly online shop which sells plastic-free products, such as Reusable Drinking Vessels, and very soon other environmentally friendly goodies, including a completely plastic-free Tea Collection. 

There’s a bit of a gap between the idea of wanting to live a more sustainable life and actually putting that into practice. For me personally, many of the brands I loved to shop at didn’t align with my environmental values. Because of this, we have placed the utmost importance on the amount of waste we create as a business. For example, our packaging in many cases is reusable, it can be recycled, our labels and stickers are compostable and some of our materials are created out of seeds, meaning you can plant them in soil and a pot of wildflowers will grow. 

Hannelii is very different from many other eco-friendly brands, our vision is to create the most beautiful and sustainable customer experience that we can. 

What is the story behind the name ‘Hannelii’?

Much of my inspiration is taken from family, specifically my Grandmother. Hannelii is an old family name from my Grandmother’s family! It felt right and serves as a beautiful memory. I love knowing a piece of her still exists in this world. 

What does a normal day running your business look like?

I start my day not long after 5AM. writing handwritten notes (on recycled paper) to go out with that day’s orders. This is our little way of connecting with our customer on a more personal level. Then I login to our Customer Care email inbox and determine what needs my priority that day. Some days I have calls, and depending who I’m talking to and where they are in the world, these conversations might be super early or late to navigate the time difference.

I’m working mostly from home, which is something I cherish. I spend a lot of time writing blog content and learning about new ways I can help our environment. 

Much of my day is spent packing orders, these are sent to our customers completely plastic free (even the shipping label is plastic-free) – I decorate our deliveries with beautiful dried flowers and tea samples. It’s one of my favourite things to do! 

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