How To Shop Plastic & Waste Free (Simple Ideas)

How To Shop Plastic & Waste Free (Simple Ideas)

The Victorian Government in Australia has announced a ban on single-use plastic bags!

Minister for the Environment Lily D’Ambrosio has said the ban will take effect on November 1st 2019, and for our planet, it can't come soon enough. 

Plastic bags fill our landfill, enter our oceans, harm our wildlife and break up into smaller fragments that continue to cause harm many years to come. As we are learning plastic isn't always recycled, in fact only 3 percent of Australia's plastic bags are currently being recycled. 

Reusable bags are a very important part of reducing one's plastic pollution, but what about all the other bits and pieces of plastic and packaging that are involved in the weekly shop? 

Beyond The Bag, Produce

Do you reach for plastic produce bags when purchasing fruit and vegetables? Over the course of a year, these little bags can add up to a lot of plastic pollution! For example, 4 plastic produce bags per week, over one year, means you have placed over 200 pieces of plastic into the world. Either don't use these bags or purchase a reusable, cloth produce bag. These environmentally friendly bags are especially handy for Farmers Markets! 

Bulk Goods

Buying items such as rice, cereal, nuts and other ingredients in bulk is a fantastic way to save the environment from plastic packaging, tin and cardboard. You're also likely to save money and live a more healthier life in the process! Come prepared with Mason Jars and other containers you can store these loose ingredients in. 

Tea Bags

It's surprising how many tea bags contain plastic. For peace of mind, choose loose leaf tea or ensure your favourite tea bag is plastic free. We love Leif Tea Co.

Buying Bread

Buying your bread free of plastic packaging is one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic in your shopping. Most large supermarkets or bakeries can provide bread to you without the unnecessary packaging. If required bring your own cloth bag to carry your fresh bread in.

Getting Organised

Set yourself up for success by pre-placing reusable bags in your home, the car or your place of work. This little tip will ensure you are ready for the unexpected! Remember, single-use plastic bags aren't just limited to the supermarkets, so ensure your reusable is on hand when your shopping for clothes, at a market or even when picking up something small! 

Don't Forget

Bring your reusable Drinking Vessel when you're shopping, for hydration on-the-go! A simple tip to ensure you don't buy bottled water. It's all about doing our bit to help the environment, however big or small.

What Do Sea Turtles Eat? Unfortunately, Plastic Bags

A single piece of plastic can be deadly for a turtle. Sea Turtles cannot distinguish between a floating plastic bag, jellyfish or other similar looking food. 

The outlook for turtles that consume plastic is bleak. Blockages may occur leaving turtles unable to feed, resulting in starvation.

Banning single-use plastic bags is a good start, but it's not enough. Let's celebrate this wonderful news and work together to ensure our environment is free of all single-use plastic.