5 Reasons To Use A Reusable Drinking Vessel

5 Reasons To Use A Reusable Drinking Vessel

Here's A Shocking Figure: An Estimated One Billion Coffee Cups End Up In Landfill Each Year In Australia. 

Coffee is the perfect way to start the day however your seemingly innocent cup of coffee is damaging the environment in more ways than we think. Coffee cups and plastic bottles are fast on their way to becoming a major pollution hazard. Plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and this number will jump another 20% by 2021. Aside from the environmental benefits, reusable Drinking Vessels have many other advantages over disposable ones. 

1. You'll save a lot of money

Purchasing your own Drinking Vessel is definitely worth the initial investment. If you purchase a $45 Drinking Vessel (which can replace coffee cups and plastic water bottles) you’d only need to buy nine $5 coffees to recover your money. If you ever purchase bottled water as well you will recover your costs even more quickly. Over a year, this can really add up! 

2. Brew from home

Making your own coffee from home makes a lot of sense. Not only does it help you to save money, you'll be able to turn your daily brew into a nourishing, healthy beverage! Try experimenting with coconut oil, or almond butter for a boost of healthy fats in your morning drink, to help give you energy for your day ahead. 

3. Know the water source

We know the importance of drinking water for hydration but have you ever thought about what else is added to water? Unfortunately water isn't as natural as it's made out to be. Fluoride is controversial because it is purposely added to water supplies and may cause a variety of negative health effects. Plastic bottles often include BPA which is a plastic linked to cancer. With all of that in mind ensure your reusable Drinking Vessel of choice is BPA-Free. It's equally as important to filter your water from chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

4. Drink your vitamins 

Next time you're filling up try infusing your water with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Infused Water drinks are an easy and quick way to get a delicious hydration boost throughout the day! When water is left to infuse, it is able to absorb the nutrients and vitamins contained in the fruits and vegetables. Sip throughout the day and enjoy the added benefits. 

5. Be part of the solution 

One bottle at a time. By owning a reusable vessel you're setting an example and at the same time making a big difference to the environment.